Frank Ettenberg, born in Brooklyn New York USA 7th May 1945

Decision to become a fine artist Summer 1960

Painting Class with Prof. Robert Kaupelis, NYU, 1961

College Years: BS in Design, 1966, University of Michigan
Master of Arts in Painting, 1971, University of New Mexico

Artist-in-Residence Grant with solo exhibition, Roswell Museum and Art Center,
Sept 1971-March 1972

Residence in Santa Fe 1972 until 2003

First travel to Austria from Santa Fe, Summer 1991

Moved to Austria, February 2003
Painted/Exhibited OÖ (Kronstorf,2004), Hallein (2004), Salzburg-Aigen (2007),
Salzburger Kunstmesse (2007),

Moved to Wien, Nov. 2004
Atelier from MA 8, kSR, Stadt Wien, since January 2006

June 4- June 18th, 2008 Projekt Raum 313, Einzelausstellung
8th August 2008, 'Selective Retrospective', New Concept Gallery, 616 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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